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16/01/2019    Commodities Integrated with Farsight
Commodities have been Integrated with Equities you can trade in FARSIGHT with the same account same deposit/Margin in all segments,No separate accounts are required now. 01145044442

30/10/2018    TAP NEW VERSION TAP_1.1.44 CM AND FO

Members are requested to download and install the new TAP versions which shall be made available 
from November 02, 2018 17:00 hours onwards in the above mentioned path on Extranet.

30/10/2018    MOCK TRADING CM ,FO, CD, CO
All Members, Mock trading (Contingency) on Saturday, November 03, 2018 - No new version release In continuation to our circular (Download No. 36491) dated December 13, 2017, Exchange shall be conducting a mock trading session in the Futures & Options Segment on Saturday, November 03, 2018.

28/09/2018    Mock Trading on 29-09-2018
NSE Mock trading on 29-Sep-2018 in CM/FO/CD seg. Refer circulars dated 24-sep-2018. Please participate.

19/03/2018    Updation of Aadhaar in demat account
What you need to keep handy?

a. Your Aadhaar number
b. Your PAN number
c. Your demat account number i.e. DP ID and Client ID.
d. Access to your mobile or email to receive your OTP
Your name as recorded on Aadhaar card should be exactly same as the name as recorded in
your demat account. This will enable authentication with UIDAI database. 
Click on https://aadhaar.nsdl.com/AdhaarSeeding/ and update your Aadhaar in all your
demat accounts with NSDL or visit NSDL website https://nsdl.co.in/

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