Mobile Trading

Market Information

    • Market/Watch List

Integrated Market Watch Provides Market Information Such As Best Buy/Sell Price And Quantity, Security Specific Information, LTP An DNet Change In Real Time. Further, It Enables Previewing Of Multiple Profiles, Making It Flexible For User To Browse Various Market Information. Also Client Can View The Indices I.E. Nifty And Sensex Etc. Client Can Also View The Indices I.E. Nifty And Sensex Etc, And Its Constituents.

    • Quote/Best Five

Best Five Provides Information About The Best Five Buyers And Sellers With Real Time Feed Along With Other Details Like Open, High, Low Close, Etc. Best Five Also Provide Technical Detail Life Pivot, Support & Resistract Points.

    • Symbol Lookup

By Using Symbol Lookup Option, User Is Able To Add Selected Scrip Into Different Types Of Available Watches Into The System.

    • AMO (After Market Orders) / PMO (Pre Market Orders)

ODIN- WAVE Also Offers The Freedom To A Client, To Place Orders At His/Her Convenience. Clients Can Place AMO Orders Which Will Be Released The Next Trading Day When The Market Opens. ODIN-WAVE Also Offers Freedom To User, To Place Orders Before Market Opens And After BOD Process. Such Orders Will Be Displayed In Order Book As X’mitted Orders And Will Be Released When Market Opens On Same Day Itself.

    • Toppers

Toppers View Displays Top Gainers & Top Lossers For Selected Market Segment. This View Also Facilitates User To Place Order, View Charting, Qyote, Etc From This View For Selected Scrip.

    • Most Active

Most Active View Displays Most Active Scrips On The Basis Of Value/Volume/Etc. For Selected Market Segment. This View Also Facilitates User To Place Order, View Charting, Quote Etc From This View For Selected Scrip.

Order & Trade Management

    • Order Entry

Order Entry Screen With Minimum Required Inputs From User For Order Creation. Single Touch Option Provides To Invoke Order Entry. User Can Select Particular Product Type From Various Product Types Like Margin, Delivery, MTF, PTST, Intraday, Carry-Forward, Margin Plus, Etc. Which Are Supported For Trading.

    • Order Book

Order Book Window Will Provide Complete Details Of The Orders Placed By The Client. User Will Be Able To Modify And Cancel Pending Orders Using The Order Book. Using The Comprehensive Filters, The User Can Customize The Order Book.

    • Trade Book

The Trade Book Provides Details Of The Orders Executed At The Exchange Along With The Execution Details Such As Traded Quantity, Traded Price Etc. Using The Comprehensive Filters, The User Can Customize The Trade Book.

    • Trade History

Trade History Option Enables User To View Historical Trades. Using The Comprehensive Filters, The User Can Customize The Trade History.

Views / Reports

    • Integrated Net Position

This Feature Enabled Enables Users To View Net Position, MTM Gain / Loss & Booked Gain /Loss And Place Square Off Order From Available Position From Net Position. Net Position View Also Facilitates Users To Do Position Conversion From One Available Product To Other Products As Per User Position Need.

    • Scrip Information

Scrip Information Displays Te Detailed Information About Selected Contract Like Tick Size, Market Lot, ISIN, Face Value And Maturity Date Etc.

    • Message Hub

Message Hub Option Allows User To View Different Categories Messages Like Transaction, Order Confirmation, Trade Confirmation, System Messages, Etc.

    • Funds View

The Funds View Screen Provides The Details Pertaining To Funds Available And Funds Utilized By The Client. User Can Filter On Market Segment Or Select To View Funds View For Relevant Market Segment Or The Entire Market Segment Combined.

    • Market Status

This Option Enables User To Check Current Market Status For All Allowed Exchange Segment.

    • Notification Hub

Notification Hub Enables User To See Different Type Of Notifications Communicated By Member. This Notification Can Be Received By User Even Without Login Into The App As Well.

Analysis Tools

    • Chart / Online Graphs

Graph Facility Provides Intraday And Historical Chart For Multiple Market Segments / Multiple Exchanges Securities; Open / High / Low / Close Charts For Scrips; Intraday And Historical Charting With Pan, Zoom Facility For Scrips And Index.

    • Fair Value Calculator

Fair Value Calculator Computes The Future Price Of An Underlying Along With Corporate Action Implications.

    • Option Calculator

Options Calculator Computes Option Prices Based On Various Option Pricing Models.

    • News Module

This Feature Enables Users To View News Headlines. News Indicator Column Is Available In Market Watch Where System Will Highlight Such Column Whenever Any News In Being Broadcast For Respective Scrip. Facility Is Available To View The News Story. Provision Is Available To Display News/Information Fetched From Various Feed Providers.

    • Set Alert

This Feature Enables Users To Set Conditional Alert For Respective Security / Contract. System Will Track Defined Alert And Trigger The Alert Whenever Defined Condition Is Met. System Generates Alerts And Sends Through Defined Communication Channels.

Miscellaneous Features

        • Profile

      Profile Is A Group Of Securities. Client Can Create Multiple Profiles With A Combination Of Various Instrument Types. Further, The Created Profiles Can Be Modified, And Removed Whenever Required. After Creating Profiles, Client Can View Them In The Market Watch. Client Has Option To Set A Default Profile, Sorting, And Sequencing Of Scrip In Profile, Enables Viewing This Profile Whenever The Market Watch Is Selected.

        • User Setting

      Client Have Option To Set Default Settings Like Market Watch Profile, Order Book, Ban Scrip, Default Product Type, Popup Alert, Notifications Etc.

        • Login With Enhanced Authentication

      Provision Is Given For Force Login Option Wherein The Client Is Logged Out Of The Initial Session Force Fully, This Will Save The User From Waiting Till The Session Expiry In Case Of Abnormal Logouts. User Will Be Required To Specify User ID And Password At The Time Of Force Login.

        • Change Password

      Change Password Option Enables User To Change Their Password On Or Before Password. Expiry, However It Is Mandatory To Change The Password After Password Expiry To Login Into The System. User Has An Option To Change Password After Login As Well.

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        • Payment / DP Gateway

      ODIN WAVE Is Integrated With Payment / Dp Gateways Of Various Entities To Facilitate Hassle Free Fund / Stock Transfer From The Client’s Account To The Broker’s Account. Funds Transferred By The Client Get Updated Instantly And The User Can Use The Fund Immediately For Trading Purpose. Functionalities Like Transfer, Withdrawal, Allocations, Withdrawal, Cancellation, Hold, Release Etc. Of Fund And Stock Is Made Available. There Are Separate And Additional Charges For Using These Facilities.

        • Forgot Password/ Unlock Account

      This Feature Facilitates The User To Get New Password By Entering The Secret Question And Answer As Per The Setting Defined By The Client. User Will Get The New Password Instantly Through Various Mode Of Communication As Defined By The Member. Unlock Account Feature Facilitates The User To Unlock His Locked Account And Able To Use Existing Password To Login.

        • Term & Condition

      This Option, If Configured By Member, Enforces User To Accept Term & Condition During Login. Term & Condition Contents And Parameters Can Be Configured By Member.

        • Feedback

      Feedback Option Enables User To Provide Their Valuable Feedback On Services Provided By The Member Using This APP.

        • Share App

      Using Share App Option User Can Refer The App Through Email, Messaging, Whats App, Other Social Installed Apps, Etc., To His Friends, Etc.

        • Quick Tour

      This Option Gives A Brief Overview Of Using Application And Highlight Some Of Its Routine Features.

        • Last Visited

      Last Visited Option Displays List Of Scrip Which Has Been Seen By User Recently.

        • Favorites

      Favorites Option Displays List Of Scrip Which Has Been Set As Favorites By User. User Can Set Any Scrip As Favorites From Quote View.

        • Membership Detail

      Membership Details View Displays Membership Info Like Exchange, Registration Number, Etc.

        • Exchange Timing

      Market Timing View Displays Membership Info Like Exchange, Registration Number Etc.

        • Call To Trade / Talk To Us

      This Feature Facilitates Users To Call To Dealing Desk Or Customer Care Desk Of Member Directly From The App Itself.

        • Guest Login

      Guest Login Feature Facilitates New Users To Do Self Registration For Login Into The App To View The Market Date Along With Other Features Like Market Watch Profile Creation, Preferences, Etc. User Needs To Provide Personal Information To Do Self Registration. Such User Can View Market Data Only Ad To Trade User Needs To Login In To The Application.

        • Open Trading Account

      It Facilitates Member To Provide A Platform To New Users For Self Registration For Trading.