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Farsight , Trade Online is one stop financial investment portal for all your financial needs. You can do online trading in Equities, Derivatives,Currency Futures & Commodities.

At Farsight , client services always come first & thus, we always endeavor to offer you latest online products,with state-of- art technology, to serve you better. Rest assured, we, at Farsight , will help you realize your dream of financial freedom backed by sound in-house research & excellent advisory capabilities.

Online trading allows you to make transaction on respective exchanges through internet. It is a very powerful medium to place your orders without any manual intervention and trades are executed in a matter of a few seconds. You can trade while working in the office or at home and if you do not have computer/internet at home, you can go to Cyber café. Now, investors can also use their mobile for track and invest in the online trading market. Thus, it is truly a powerful medium to have full control on your investments and you can make right trade at the right time.


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SEBI Registration Number for Participant is IN-DP-NSDL-148-2000, DP ID : IN301766
Welcome to Farsight Depository, We are a Depository Participant (DP) of National Securities Depository ltd. (NSDL) handling over 48000 accounts successfully. We actively participate in seminars organized by NSDL in different parts of the country to educate the investors about Depository services and Capital Market. Out of 244 DPs of NSDL only 73 have speed-e services and we are one of them. Speed-e is an electronic mode to send the delivery instructions to their DP. In this process clients need not to submit the delivery instructions in paper. Clients can also watch their account transactions and holding live from NSDL. We are also providing IDeAS facility to our clients in which clients can register themselves to check their holdings direct from NSDL.
The following services are available in our DP: – 

Account opening
Account opening form is available on website. Please download this and send the DP duly filled for new demat account. We provide new account numbers to our clients within 15 minutes on receipt of account opening form.
Nomination form is also available on website along with account opening forms. Nomination can be made through this form in new as well as in old accounts.
Conversion of physical shares in to electronic form is called dematerialization. We have done more than 23000 cases successfully so far. To serve the clients better and faster we are sending the securities to the respective registrars/companies in less then seven working days as prescribed by NSDL. Demat Request Form (DRF) is also available on website. Clients can send their securities for dematerialization to DP by filling this form.
Speed-e / IDEAS
Speed-e registration is available on line. Account holder can register himself by login NSDL speed-e website https://speed-e.nsdl.com by sending their registration number to DP to activate the account.
To serve our clients any time anywhere we are providing website services. By login www.farsightshares.com clients can check their holding, financial, and transactions etc. any time anywhere.